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Carpos Restaurant

Carpos Restaurant - Amber Light Villas

Carpos Restaurant

A pebbled garden with a berry tree in the middle, the unobstructed sea view and the pristine white walls are the dreamy setting for Carpos Restaurant. Here, you can enjoy delicious breakfasts, snacks and meals throughout the day, always prepared with fresh local ingredients and utter respect to the culinary traditions of the Mediterranean.

The delightful experience begins with the breakfast buffet! The proposals for the first meal of the day include gastronomic delights from local produce, international delicacies and a wide range of coffees and teas to enjoy as you are admiring the sea and you are planning the activities for the day ahead.

For later, the Carpos restaurant menu suggests some deliciously made dishes inspired by the Mediterranean Cuisine with creative touches from the flavorsome Greek gastronomic heritage.

You can enjoy the Carpos’s restaurant proposals at the relaxing environment of the restaurant or at the privacy of your villa. Also, when by the swimming pool, you can order from the Carpos menu and savour snacks and coffees al fresco at the comfort of your lush double sunbed.

Dinner time is yet another beautiful occasion to visit the restaurant either for a complete dinner experience or for a drink outdoors! The candlelight meet the formation of the stars and the constellations on the sky as the full moon rises up from the depths of the sea for its nightly journey across the Santorinian sky! Gastronomic events are organized throughout summer!
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