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...a perfect wedding experience in Santorini - Amber Light Villas

...a perfect wedding experience in Santorini


The weddings in Amber Light Villas are one of a kind. The specially designed area by the swimming pool can host a wedding of up to 200 people! Our people have a long experience in event lanning and they will release you from any stress for the organization of a perfect wedding experience in Santorini.


The wedding services by Amber Light Villas are tailor made and absolutely personalized to the character and the particular style of your wedding. For any kind of special arrangement including the location, the menu, the beauty treatments, the transfers, the photography, the decoration, the flowers, the fireworks and anything you have dreamed of the wedding of your dreams can come true with the guidance and the assistance of the Amber Light Villas people.


As for your honeymoon, Amber Light Villas has something for the most romantic days of your life. The privacy of the suites, the spa treatments, the special packages and the beautiful surprises, such as strawberries and champagne waiting as a "welcome" to your room, will make your honeymoon in Amber Light Villas in Santorini such an extraordinary experience.