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The Spa

The Spa - Amber Light Villas

The Spa

The Amber Light Spa is a beauty oasis! The brand new Spa of Amber Light Villas offers a range of beauty treatments for your face, body and well- being. The spa facilities include a steam room (hammam) where you will feel the rejuvenation as the power of the steam removes all the toxins from your body.

Then you can enjoy the “power” of the jacuzzi as you are enjoying the beneficial touch of the bubbles all over your body. Keep time for more. Pick a beauty massage or a therapeutic treatment for your face and body within the beauty choices of Amber Light Villas Spa!

Let yourself and just enjoy the magical touch of our professionals as you are feeling more and more rejuvenated! As for your nails’ care, we offer a range of manicure and pedicure services. Ask us for the special beauty packages and for the honeymoon beauty treatments made for two!
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